Innocence Lost, Chapter 6

Hola. I bring more Innocence Lost, the sequel to Dirty Little Secrets. Just in case anyone's actually still reading, lol.

But before I get to that, I wanted to bring something up for some debate (feel free to use the comments here even if you don't read the fic); as you may or may not know, now has community importing. I am not trying to move the community to Dreamwidth! However, I don't see any drawback to having a backup community on Dreamwidth, or a "mirror" that people who use/prefer Dreamwidth would be able to use, aside from individual artists/authors not wanting their material hosted there.

Of course, regardless of the outcome of any such discussion, any artist or author who doesn't want their work on Dreamwidth would not have it there; the entries would be removed, at worst (I'm not sure if I can stop them from being imported, as I haven't looked at it yet, but if that is an option, I would use it). That said, this isn't my community, this is a community, so I would like community input before it is done. Again, I am not trying to move the community to Dreamwidth. It would be a backup in the event of something happening to the community/to LJ, and at most, it would be a mirror for people on Dreamwidth who would prefer to use Dreamwidth.

Now that I've done that, here's the fic.

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Innocence Lost, Chapter 5

Hey, long time no activity. I come bearing another chapter of the DLS sequel, and I'm still working on Stand My Ground.

Before I get to the fic, though, I'd really like to ask you all: what can we do to encourage more activity in this community? I want to do a secret Santa this year, even though we've skipped them recently. What do you think?

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DeviantART group?

So, I got on DeviantART recently, and I noticed that there are a lot of GyakuSai groups. There's a Phoenix/Maya group, and several Phoenix/Edgeworth groups, so I thought that a Maya/Edgeworth group might be a good idea. Would anybody be interested?
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Looking for a fic...

It's a kink meme fic where Gumshoe tries to set up Miles and Maya. I...I want to re-read what it had going for it XD Just 'cause it was that good and I didn't know where else to ask so I was hoping this would...

Anyone know of the ficccc? 0:
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Mod Post

Just a heads up- I just deleted a spam comment. I was hoping that we were small enough to coast under the bot radar but it looks like not.

Being new to this mod thing, I wanted to get community input. My first impulse is to moderate membership, since anon commenting is already off. Is that okay with you guys? Should I wait until it happens again? Got any other suggestions/think we should just roll with it and do nothing? Opinions, please!
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Vid & Art

Short vid I made:

To the song Feelings Show by Colbie Cailatt and fanarts by their respective owners among deviantART and all those Japanese websites XD

Small art I made:

Maya/Edgeworth by Neopuff I don't draw much anymore but I found this old sketch and colored it for fun XD I still think it's pretty cute heheh.
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